Oakland Federal Building

The Oakland Federal Building was a challenging project. The project consisted of two 17 story office towers and two 5 story annex buildings. One of the annex buildings was a Federal Courthouse, the other was a U.S Post Office and Conference Center. The building was occupied the entire time of the retrofit. HVAC Controls retrofitted the entire Building Automation System. The Central Plant equipment consisted of 5 chillers, 3 heating hot water boilers, 1 plate heat exchanger, a new refrigerant monitoring system and 8 VFD’s on various pieces of equipment. There were 4 major air handling systems, with tandem supply and return fans, on each system for the towers. There were 4 smaller AHU’s in each annex building. There were 14 Fan Coil Units, 10 Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units and 63 energy meters installed. There were also 1200+ double duct mixing boxes that needed to be retrofitted.

Given the fact that the building was occupied from 6am to 5pm we elected to do most of the major retrofit work in the towers and the Courthouse at night. HVAC Controls employees worked very closely with the onsite project manager to coordinate access throughout the building. This allowed us easier entry and provided much less disruption to the tenants of the building. All of the building tenants are Federal Agencies, many with secured areas we needed to enter to accomplish our work.

Our “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” policy worked extremely well. Our success was accomplished by draping the furniture with painter’s cloth, using feather dusters on furniture after being in areas where we needed access to the ceiling space and vacuuming each area after our task was complete. We then made sure that each piece of furniture was returned to its rightful place. Sometimes the only way a tenant knew we had been in their space was because we left it cleaner than when we arrived. All of the proactive involvement with a project manager and interaction with the tenants paid off in the successful completion of a very challenging job.