UCSF Medical Center

UCSF Medical Center is an extremely large project consisting of over 2,500 zones. This medical center has its own 3 story Energy Center, or Central Utility Plant, with 5 hot water boilers, 3 steam boilers and 5 chillers producing over 5,000 tons of cooling. Along with the Energy Center there is 6 story Medical Office/Outpatient Building and a 6 story, 400 bed, Hospital Building. The entire complex is a full city block long and half a city block wide.

HVAC Controls installing and wiring 65 control panels, furnishing and installing over 400,000 feet of control cable, installing over 8,800 field devices and making over 17,000 terminations.

We are providing manpower for this job with a full time project manager, one field foreman and should peak out at four journeymen and four apprentices.